In the current world, every customer craves for new experience or the new methods to enjoy the products and services offered by the company. At the same time, budding companies offer exemplary services to give tough competition to old titans and grab the consumer market. It is also true that customers are bombarded with mind-blowing offers. In order to stay firm and flexible in business competition, apart from selling products and services, companies should go a step ahead to strike into customers’ heart and mind. A company that delivers quality product/services consistently; engages their customers with creative-brand engagement with emotional touch never lose it hold in consumer market and that is where Customer Lifecycle Management (CLM) comes into the picture.

Valuestream’s solutions for CLM make it simpler to cut costs and grow revenue with effective customer acquisition process management, complete back office process management and higher customer retention. At Valuestream, we understand the seriousness of thriving in business market and to achieve our clients needs, we break down the Customer Lifecycle Management CLM into four different categories;

Renewal Management

A well-known standard in business is that offering a stellar customer service is similar to some kind of wonder drug that brings profit to the enterprise. It is the way to building genuine Customer loyalty and if businesses continue sustaining their prized Customers with much Customer Service sustenance then those connections transform into deep rooted relationships. Valuestream business solutions believe in the formula of “Customer Service brings Customer Loyalty brings Customer Retention”. We designed our exclusive customer retention services based on this formula which includes dialler based calling, In-House CRM, and on-time remainders & collection.

Campaign Management: Our in-house campaign management tool allows us to analyse the data better and efficiently to set the priority of follow up to increase the collections. On time reminders and follow-ups will result in better collections

Most entrepreneurs know that a customer retention strategy is highly essential for the success of a business and “It’s often cheaper to market to existing customers as it can cost between 5 and 8 times more to attract a new customer than it does to keep an existing one.” It is understood that an increase in customer retention increases profit. In order to achieve better results, we frequently analyse the Customer experience and close the loop for any service issues, prompt reminders and follow ups, Priority setting and formulating in-depth strategies to retain the customer.

Dialler-Based Calling: This outbound call service embraces customer retention and keeps them updated. This service is deployed by pinpointing the perfect time to call the customer, which can be done using advanced algorithms. Besides, dialler-based calling has the capability to provide real-time statistics.

In-House CRM: It allows businesses to control, manage and secure customers’ data that drives in their business network. With In-House CRM services, one can expect a greater level of customization that addresses many of your business needs.

Customer Support

Every customer desires to get a royal treatment from the company and if any issues rose s/he expects a prompt reply. Besides, customers also wish to receive regular updates from the company which feels them connected. At Valuestream, we believe in the concept of “CUSTOMER IS A KING” and we know how to treat the king. We provide well-designed and well-planned customer services to our clients which plays a key role in developing their overall brand reputation which directly connects with their business performance. Our customer services;

E-Mail Management: We understand that customer writes an email to a company when he/she expect something and most probably on urgent basis. We ensure that we bring in the best expertise and experience to handle the emails promptly and accurately. We create a win-win situation through our email management services that makes your customers to get better stuff and you get the profit.

Processing Service Request: At Valuestream, we value the significance of our client’s customer base and take special care to process their customer’s service request more efficiently and effectively, our teams of professionals go leaps and bounds to satisfy the customers.

Customer Complaint Management: At Valuestream, we believe that customer complaint is a way that helps organizations to make their service better and the best. The elite teams of experts working at Valuestream handle each and every complaint in a professional way and ensure the customer is satisfied with the remedy.

Claims Processing: Customer satisfaction plays a key role in every business, particularly insurance companies. We at Valuestream understand the importance of customer satisfaction and value their needs. The team of experts working aboard to ensure that every insurance claim is processed quickly and efficiently. This helps insurance companies to provide empathetic services and stand as a backbone to every policyholder when it really matters.

Transaction Processing

Valuestream is a one stop solution for all your transaction processing needs. Outsourcing your transaction processing helps streamlining your business in an efficient way. We always think of automating the repetitive tasks so that we can focus on high value creation processes. Valuestream, one of the niche BPO companies that has the right tools to manage the process including any transaction processing, claims processing, to name a few.